Laser Business



Laser treatments are gaining more and more followers, and thus more and more salons, clinics and offices offer this service.

If you too are planning to take up this field, our book will surely help you.



This book is not for everyone!

Working with lasers and building your own well thought out business takes effort. From our and our clients’ experience we know that doing something “piecemeal” simply does not make sense. Our book is for those who:

  • want to introduce laser services in their salon, their practice, their clinic,
  • already offer this service, but don’t know how to sell it,
  • want to brush up on basic laser knowledge,
  • are looking for a proven guide to walk them through the service introduction process.

It is a book for those who take their work seriously, who need reliable knowledge and who want to improve their skills all the time.

Do you belong to this group of professionals?

We believe it is!

If so, this book is just for you.

People who already have a laser but want to expand their business

In the book “Laser Business” you will find a lot of practical knowledge. Of course, theory a little bit too, because you need to know the basics. We have put together exercises to help you through the entire process of introducing and promoting laser treatments.

That’s why you should write on it, make circles, fold the corners, glue colorful pieces of paper, because we wrote it with the idea that it should be your working tool, not just another “copy” decorating your bookcase.

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